Expanding student options for technical or trade career pathways.
I pledge to protect and increase real funding for our public schools. I am opposed to the privatization of our schools which are funded by our tax dollars.
Raising salaries for our school employees.
I say no to (for profit) charter schools.


Job Creation:
I support the expansion of business incubators to give support for the small businessman and to encourage growth. To attract business to our area, we must maintain and invest in our area’s infrastructure.
I believe in a Florida with clean air, clean water and a protected environment.
Promoting renewable energy businesses, i.e., solar & offshore wind.
Preparing communities for the impacts of climate change.


Gun Control:
Banning assault weapons.
Requiring background checks for ALL gun sales.
Passing red flag laws and disarming domestic abusers.
Requiring safety training and licensing of all gun owners.


Health Care:
Advocating for affordable, high-quality health care for all Floridians.
Supporting legislation to ensure medication is affordable.


Women and Families:
Ensuring equal pay for equal work; no wage discrimination.
Support measures protecting women from violent abusers.
I support the Fair Pay Protection Act which died in the Legislature last session and will work to see it passed.
I personally do not support abortion unless there are mitigating circumstances.  However, I do support women’s right to choose.


Local road maintenance/Youth recreation facilities.
Secure funding for road repairs in our communities.
Budgeting for youth recreational facilities.


All Floridians, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation or economic status deserve respect, and their full participation in society should be defended.