Expanding student options for technical or trade career pathways
Ensuring adequate funding for public schools
Raising salaries for our school employees
I say no to (for profit) charter schools


Capital Projects Workshop July 2019 07232019 FINAL


Protecting Florida’s air, land, and water from corporate polluters
Promoting renewable energy businesses, i.e., solar & offshore wind
Preparing communities for the impacts of climate change




Gun Control:
Banning assault weapons
Requiring background checks for ALL gun sales
Passing red flag laws and disarming domestic abusers
Requiring safety training and licensing of all gun owners


Health Care:
Advocating for affordable, high-quality health care for all Floridians
Supporting legislation to ensure medication is affordable


Women and Families:
Ensuring equal pay for equal work; no wage discrimination
Support measures protecting women from violent abusers

I personally do not support abortion unless there are mitigating circumstances.  However, I do support women’s right to choose.


Local road maintenance/Youth recreation facilities
Secure funding for road repairs in our communities
Budgeting for youth recreational facilities


Access a fee of ½% of 1% on all NYSE/DOW transaction