Open Campaign Positions

We are currently recruiting for a number of volunteer campaign positions.  Please let us know if you’d like to be considered for one of them:

Candidate’s Personal Assistant: The candidate’s personal assistant who travels with and drives the candidate from place to place. This person is responsible for keeping the candidate on schedule, taking notes and facilitating follow-up with individuals the candidate meets, and sometimes making the candidate’s travel arrangements.

Communications Director/Press Secretary: Maintains message discipline within the campaign (often playing an instrumental role in crafting the message) and directs the campaign’s media relations efforts. This person builds relationships with the media, oversees media interaction and is often one of the VERY few people on the campaign who is authorized to speak to the press (with the candidate and campaign manager typically being the only others).

Compliance Manager: Ensures the campaign complies with campaign finance laws and regulations; often times this person is responsible for processing contributions and developing the campaign’s finance reports.

Digital Director: Directs the campaign and the candidate’s digital presence, likely including the campaign website, digital advertising, email communications, and social media presence. The Digital Director often works closely with the Finance/Fundraising team to strategically fundraise via these mechanisms as well.

Field Director: Creates and oversees the execution of the direct voter outreach plan, which encompasses both the voter persuasion and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) phases. This role generally focuses on doorknocking (aka canvassing), phone banking, and other methods of directly persuading voters.

Field Organizer: Recruits and manages volunteers to execute the campaign’s voter contact plan, oftentimes focused on a specific region (e.g., Southern Regional Field Director, Bear County Field Director).

Finance Director: Develops and oversees the implementation of the campaign’s finance (i.e., fundraising) plan, including call-time programs, low- and high-dollar events, donor prospecting and research, online fundraising, and direct mail fundraising programs.

Outreach Director/Manager: Typically, an outreach director is in charge of the campaign’s outreach to a particular constituency group (e.g., Women’s Outreach Manager, African-American Outreach Manager), garnering endorsements from key leaders in that community/constituency and spearheading other efforts to engage the constituency in the campaign.

Policy Director (or Advisor): Crafts the campaign’s policy positions, responds to community organizations’ policy questionnaires, briefs the candidate on policy issues and helps the candidate prepare for debates, editorial board interviews, and other endorsement-related conversations.

Political Director: Works with community leaders and constituency groups (sometimes leading the outreach directly, sometimes overseeing an Outreach Manager) to garner and organize their support for the campaign. The Political Director may oversee the Field Director, or at least works very closely with her/him to coordinate their efforts.

Research Director: Performs background research on the candidate and the opposition to inform campaign strategy. They may also vet potential staff, donors or volunteers; research policy issues; and/or track media and other public appearances by the candidate, surrogates, and opponents.

Scheduler: Organizes the candidate’s schedule, responding to event invitations, seeking out strategic event opportunities, and briefing the candidate prior to events.